All tooling is produced in house to better
control tolerances and delivery.

About Our Company

A-Alpha Waveguide was established in 1979 to supply a growing market with very high quality, close tolerance, drawn tubing. Our initial aim was waveguide tubing – rectangular tubing used in the electronics industry for satellites, radar, and many types of communications applications. However, our clients requested that we also manufacture customized tubing for various other applications. We now manufacture thin wall tubing to tolerances of plus or minus one-thousandth of an inch (+ – .001) and have designed many new industry products.

In 2015, A-Alpha Waveguide acquired a fourth building now totalling over 25,000 square feet. The new building, adjacent to the original facility, will house a dedicated machine shop to make our in-house tooling for cast bends as well as the waveguide.

Our Tooling Process

Our tooling is manufactured in-house to ensure maximum control of delivery dates. We maintain the tolerances and any secondary tooling required to achieve configuration and quality. Walls as thick as .010 of an inch can be produced to tight tolerance on a regular production basis. The maximum outside dimension is generally 2.5 inches. A-Alpha Waveguide also manufactures customized tubing for various applications, including aluminum tubing (which is used in fuel gauge sending units for wing tanks of large aircraft) and a revolutionary concept for aircraft instruments that slide in and out of panels for easy replacement.

The Largest Inventory of Waveguides in the United States

Since our inception over thirty years ago, A-Alpha Waveguide has led the telecommunications industry by offering a vast inventory of readily available materials such as aluminum, copper and bronze waveguide tube as well as invar, stainless steel, and coin silver waveguide tubing.

Additional products offered include aluminum flange stock and brass and beryllium copper flexible waveguide.

Our experience and commitment to maintain the highest quality product and service has allowed A-Alpha Waveguide to be an industry leader, and your best choice for waveguide and special close tolerance tubing.

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